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Technology at St. Mary’s Catholic School

St. Mary’s Catholic School uses technology to nurture the ministry of Catholic Education and promote educational excellence by facilitating the learning experience for the students, support the faculty and staff and enhance communication with the parents. The mission of St.Mary’s Catholic School Technology Plan is to educate all members of the school community to be life long learners and problem solvers, with the technological knowledge necessary to function and compete in an ever-changing world through resource sharing, innovation, collaboration and communication.

Our Technology Status

  • The school’s local area network connects approximately 130 Windows-based Computers

  • Computer Lab (28 computers)

  • Library (6 computers)

  • 19 Classrooms are equipped with ceiling-mount Multimedia LCD Projectors

  • Classroom teachers have iPads

  • Classroom teachers have document cameras

  • 16 Security Cameras located throughout the school



  • RenWeb School Management Software

  • Discovery Education United Streaming

  • Microsoft Office Applications

  • Follett Automated Library System

  • Parent Alert Emergency Notification System

  • Complete Campus Security System Login for additional school safety

Communication with our Families

  • RenWeb’s Parent’s Web gives parent’s secure access to their student’s real time progress anytime from any location via the web.

  • Parent’s Web also gives parent’s access to student’s homework, billing account information and lunch menus.

  • A Monday email is sent to parents with information regarding the week’s activities as well as other updates the parents need to be aware of.

  • Teachers send a weekly newsletter with class-specific activities the parents need to know about.


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