Faculty and Staff


Jo-Ann Wormer




Becky DeArmitt

Administrative Assistant, Website Co-Administrator



Kim Lemons

Admissions Director, Website Co-Administrator



Connie Carpenter



Faculty Listing

Registered users can contact faculty through Parents Web or send a message to becky.dearmitt@stmarys.tn.org

Triniti Perkins, Wee Angels

Penny Fitzgerald, Wee Angels Aide

Laura Jones, Little Angels

Tina Butler, Little Angels Aide

Carrie Gahagan, Jr. Kindergarten

Carol Hardin, Jr. Kindergarten Aide

Joy Whetstone, Kindergarten

Lisa Buchanan, First Grade, Softball Coach

Sister Maria Benedicta, O.P., Second Grade

Carrie Jones, Third Grade

Nicole Livelli, Resource/Guidance

Elizabeth Cook, Fourth Grade HR, 4th grade English, Math, Social Studies, Latin, 7th grade Science

Sister Maureen Sheen, O.P., Fifth Grade HR, 4th & 5th grades Religion, 5th grade Social Studies, 6th grade Science

Niki Bullard, Sixth Grade HR,  5th – 8th grades Math, 8th grade Science, Latin

Andi Neihoff, Seventh Grade HR, 6th – 8th grades English, 7th grade Literature, 7th grade Social Studies, Latin

Sister Joanna, O.P., Eighth Grade HR, 7th grade Literature, 6th – 8th grades Religion, 8th grade Social Studies, Latin

Ellen Watt, Library, Pre-K – 8th grades Computers

Paula Bernard-Craft, PreK – 8th grades Art

Nick Beauregard, PreK- 8th grades Physical Education

Anne Long, PreK – 8th Music

Jeremy Simmons, Athletic Director

Parent Testimonials

“We have been a part of St. Mary’s school since 2014, and wouldn’t have it any other way. The curriculum that St. Mary’s offers is exactly what we are wanting for our children. One thing that really stands out to us is how invested the staff is in helping the students become the best version of themselves, not only academically but in their everyday lives as well. We look forward to what the future holds for our kids here at St. Mary’s. Go Angels!”

–James and Lindsay Salter
Owner of Picasso Bistro Pizzeria