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Financial Information

Application and Registration Fee

Applications are accepted at any time and an interview/testing date will be arranged for students entering grades 1st through 8th. A non-refundable $100.00 application fee is due with the submission of each application and a $150.00 registration fee is due upon acceptance, maximum $250.00 for two or more students.

Tuition Schedule for the 2024-25 School Year


2K,3K,4K Full-Time                              $7,100

2K,3K,4K Mon/Wed/Fri                       $4,650

2K Tues/Thurs                                      $3,350

Kindergarten                                        $7,100

Grades 1st - 3rd                                   $7,350

Grades 4th - 5th                                   $7,550

Grades 6th - 8th                                   $7,950


2K,3K,4K Full-Time                             $8,050

2K,3K,4K Mon/Wed/Fri                      $5,700

2K Tues/Thurs                                     $4,025

Kindergarten                                       $8,375

Grades 1st - 3rd                                  $8,850

Grades 4th - 5th                                  $9,050

Grades 6th  -8th                                  $9,550

Multi-Student Discounts

When enrolling 2 students, the family’s total tuition is reduced by $200;

enrolling 3 students, tuition is reduced by $900;

enrolling 4 students, tuition is reduced by $2,100;

enrolling 5 students, tuition is reduced by $2,500.

Catholic families must complete the Contributing Catholic Verification Form and have baptismal certificates on file to receive the Catholic tuition rate.

Payment Method

Tuition will be automatically drafted in eleven equal payments from July through May of each year.  You may choose to have your account drafted on either the 1st or the 15th of each month.

Financial Aid Information

Many families desire to give their children the gift of a Catholic education but are hesitant because of their financial means.  Please do not let finances hinder your family from considering St. Mary’s Catholic School; tuition assistance is available for those who qualify.  Contact Jessica Berlanga at 731-668-2525 to inquire about an application for financial aid. 



The SCRIP program raises funds for the school through the sale of gift cards for local merchants. A percentage of each card purchased is given to the school and the profit generated is credited to the purchasing family’s SCRIP account. A record is kept of the amount of SCRIP purchased by each family and the amount of profit that is generated by each purchase. Each family (not individual student) is required to generate $200 in profits from the SCRIP program through purchases of SCRIP OR pay an additional $200 in tuition.


If a family decides to pay the additional tuition, the additional tuition will be deducted from the family’s account in May of the current school year.  Please note – the dollar amount of scrip purchased does not equal profits generated.


Profits generated are the discount each merchant donates to the school SCRIP Family Profit Summary. These balances are updated at the beginning of each month from August through June. If the balance of the SCRIP Program account is less than $200 when the SCRIP Program ends on April 30, the difference must be paid immediately.

When a family exceeds the $200 from their SCRIP purchases, they begin earning a tuition credit, which is applied to their tuition, in December and May.

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