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St. Mary’s Pre-school Curriculum

Jr. K Weekly Newsletter

We recognize that children learn through play and meaningful experiences.
Therefore, structured activities are coupled with free exploration at learning centers
throughout the room. Learning Centers reinforce the academic skills that are the
main focus of learning each week.

Learning Centers
Art,  Blocks,  Dramatic/Imaginary Play,  Fine Motor,  Language Arts,
Listening,  Math,  Puzzles,  Reading,  Religion,  Science & Social Studies,  Sensory,  Technology,


Group Instruction Includes 
Letter of the Week,  Math,  Religion, Science & Social Studies,
Story-time,  Enrichment,  Library,  Music,  P.E. 


Pre-K Curriculum:


Wee Angels

Memoria Press

Play! Think! Grow


Little Angels

Stories of God’s Love

Develop, Inspire, Grow

Frog Street Nursery Rhymes

Junior Kindergarten

Stories of God’s Love

Develop, Inspire, Grow

Handwriting without Tears

Happily Ever After


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